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Public Notices protect your rights

By Susan Reeves
For the past 10 years, the Mount Vernon Optic-Herald has not published a newspaper on the last Thursday of the year.

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Mixed signals for our school

By Susan Reeves

Many parenting books talk about how consistency in raising children is critical.

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Mayor steps down

By Susan Reeves

It came as quite a shock last week when Mayor J. D. Baumgardner abruptly resigned.

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Annexation should have gone through

By Susan Reeves

Shocking is a term that might be applied to the decision of the Mount Vernon City Council not to annex MiCasita restaurant into the city.

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Robbery in broad daylight

An Editorial by Susan Reeves

The citizens of Mount Vernon have been robbed. The amount taken is approximately $100,000. Those who witnessed the mugging were momentarily stunned and speechless.

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Hats off to our firemen

By Susan Reeves

Franklin County has four fantastic volunteer fire departments. It is overwhelming to think that these men and women put their lives at risk to protect the homes and property of our citizens,

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Ill will toward city permit fees

By Susan Reeves

The Optic-Herald recently received a letter signed by City Manager Lee Elliott blaming the newspaper for all the ill will related to the city permit fees. He stated that the editorial written in June 2010 was the root cause of the problem.

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We need band uniforms

An Editorial By Susan Reeves

Have you seen what the Mighty Tiger Marching Band students have to wear to perform in? From a distance the band uniforms look okay, but upon closer inspection they are showing their age.

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Change is inevitable

By Susan Reeves

There are a lot of changes being made in our community right now. Sometimes change is a good thing, and sometimes change is not such a good thing. One thing that is certain is that change is inevitable.

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