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What in the world is going on at Mount Vernon ISD?

What in the world is going on at Mount Vernon ISD? The posting of a special called school board meeting at 5:45 p.m. Thursday, January. 5 has set the entire community into an uproar.

Superintendent Gregg Weiss will be presenting a recommendation to terminate Brad Floyd without pay for good cause. What that cause may be has been fodder for the gossip mongers.
Superintendent Weiss stated he was unable to “share information that would bring light to the subject” because of employee confidentiality rules. The vacuum of information boggles the mind. Without knowing the cause of this action, it is almost impossible to take sides. Was there some sort of impropriety taking place? Was it a personality conflict? Does it boil down to money and reducing next year’s budget by terminating tenured employees?
Coach Floyd has been the girls athletic director and head Lady Tiger basketball coach for 18 years and is just three wins from having 500 career wins. Unnamed sources have shared that Floyd has been under a microscope recently. Coach Floyd has told others that he does not know what “good cause” this action is based upon.
Superintendent Weiss stated, both last summer and on Tuesday, that he is not cleaning house, but it is starting to appear that way. He stated that he has come across things that should have been dealt with in the past, but were not.
Since Dr. Weiss came on board last March, there has been a tremendous upheaval in administrative positions. The first to go were High School Principal Kelly Baird resigned in May, then Counselor Lou Colvin was reassigned and resigned in July. No cause for these abrupt actions were released. When Assistant High School Principal Karl Whitehurst learned that he was being reassigned, he tendered his resignation. Long time theater teacher Terry McGonagill resigned soon after and was replaced by a teacher who rarely showed up to work and was terminated a few months into the semester. 
June Malone who worked as the business manager for MVISD for 28 years resigned in the middle of budget preparations last summer. High School Dean of Students Sherry Keys resigned the first week of August. Elementary Principal Jennifer Sumrow was reassigned to Mrs. Keys’ position and two new administrators were hired for the elementary. High school secretary Tammie Dickson tendered her resignation on Monday. And who knows how many teachers may have left the district or may be looking to leave in the near future?
We may never get a straight answer to any of these questions.


#1 RE: What in the world is going on at Mount Vernon ISD? Carla Wahls 2017-01-04 21:59
Sound very suspect on the Superintendents part. If it were for a good reason people would know some details already without having to go on record about it. By the sounds of all that has already taken place at Mt Vernon it seems maybe Mr Weiss should be looked into by the school board.
#2 RE: What in the world is going on at Mount Vernon ISD? Ryan 2017-01-04 22:39
Having further light into what has happened over the brief term of Greg Weiss, I must say that it may be time for his resignation to be called for next and swiftly. When people such as Kelly Baird, Brad Floyd, Tammie Dickson, Lou Colvin, Terry McGonagill, and June Malone are being asked to leave or voluntarily leaving, the situation with Greg Weiss in charge must be one of disaster and immoral proportions. I grew up in this community and the people I just named shaped who I am and many other students and people in Mt. Vernon. They would not stand for anything less than a school that is lead by someone of high character and excellent leadership, and maybe this is why they are no longer there; they saw and comfronted the bleak path Greg Weiss is leading this district down. I am sickened to think I have ever thought of bringing my own family back home to my roots with someone like this in control, and as an educator and coach myself, I am deeply concerned that we have individuals leading schools across this state with personal agendas and not one that centers around quality education and learning for our children to succeed in life.

To the people who still call my hometown their own home, it's time you take back your school district, elect board members with real school experience, and down right fight for what you know is right. You all know each person named in this article that has been cast to the wayside. You know what they stand for, their character, their hearts, and their desire to love and help kids. You know that Brad Floyd, the most recent victim of this agenda, is no different. Greg Weiss has rid your school of two men who ran your high school with class - one of which served as a coach, teacher, and assistant principal before being principal, a one act play and drama department guru with numerous state titles at MVHS, a counselor that loved your kids like they were her own, a secretary that sent all her kids through MVHS and helped that high school run smoothly day in and day out, and a business administrstor that was serving her very own alumn in that capacity. Now he wishes to rid you of a near 500 career win basketball coach with numerous district titles, playoff wins, and a extremely competitive girls athletic department. When is it enough board members? When is it enough Mt. Vernon? When are you going to stop letting this man run your schools not the ground?

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