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The loss of two great men

By Susan Reeves

Mount Vernon lost two great men this week. One was quiet and unassuming, and the other was known around the world.
Kenneth Cason spent the majority of his life living and working in our community. He served for 39 years with the volunteer fire department and quietly helped many people along the way.
“I never heard him say a bad word about anybody in all the years I knew him,” David Chaney said about Mr. Cason.
To the younger crowd, Mr. Cason was the man who rode his tractor in every parade. He will be missed in more ways than we can realize today.
The other loss was Don Meredith. He was a larger than life character who drew people like a magnet. He charmed the ladies and befriended the men.
As Ray Loyd Johnson once said, “Don had special something, an aura, that is hard to describe. Girls saw him as a real charmer and boys followed his leadership faithfully both on and off the athletic fields of battle. Don’s impact was felt in school and church. His magnetic personality touched the community.”
Everyone I ever met who grew up in Mount Vernon during the 1950s remember the time as an idyllic paradise. A Camelot if you will. They also remember Don Meredith as a great person. His classmates each have stories of how he touched their lives and made everyone feel special. Like the rest of the Mount Vernon class of 1956, Mr. Meredith remembered our community fondly and never shied away from an opportunity to tell the world about it.
With these two men gone from our lives, the rest of us will need to step up and attempt to fill the void they have left.