Public Notices

Public Notice Attn: Oak Village Storage Customers

Attn: Oak Village Storage Customers
Final notice has been given by mail and/orĀ  phone for the following renters of storage facilities located at 505 W. Rutherford St., Mount Vernon, Texas., owned and operated by Oak Village Storage. If we were unable to contact you, this services as final notice. The following units are being vacated for non-payment under a lien granted by Texas Law Chapter 59. Items are to be sold to the public. The sale will be no earlier than October 19, 2009.#67 Gloria Barron
#27 & 30 Doris Coats
#22 Chip Dunlap
#107 Jeramie Smith
#110 Donna Trantham
#51 & 68 Gene Wafford
#45 Melanie Walker
#48 & 92 Jim Webb
If you have made a payment satisfying your obligations, your name may still appear on this notice. Please call to confirm your status. Partial payments only reduce the amount of your obligation and do not remove the status of this lien.