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Public Notice - Legal Notice - 3/22/2018

The Mount Vernon Downtown Historic District, Mount Vernon, Franklin County, Texas will be considered by the State Board of Review for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places at its meeting on May 19, 2018 at 8:30 a.m. in the Lora Jean Kilroy Visitor and Education Center, at 6003 Memorial Drive, Houston, Texas.

  A copy of the draft nomination is posted on the THC website:

In addition, we invite you to attend a PUBLIC INFORMATION MEETING to discuss the process of nomination and the results of listing properties in the National Register of Historic Places.  The meeting will take place on April 24, 2018 at 5:00 p.m. in the Loft at ML Edwards, at 103 Kaufman Street North, Mount Vernon, Texas.

Verbal Boundary Description of the Mount Vernon Downtown Historic District:
Mount Vernon downtown square and surrounding blocks, roughly bounded by Rusk Street, Jackson Street, Holbrook Street, and the railroad tracks

Listing in the National Register, the Federal government’s official list of historic properties worthy of preservation, results in the following for historic properties:

1. Consideration in planning for Federal, Federally licensed, and Federally-assisted projects.  The Advisory Council on Historic Preservation must be given an opportunity to comment on all federally related projects affecting listed properties.  For further information, please refer to 36 CFR 800.

2. Eligibility for Federal tax provisions.  The Federal Internal Revenue Code encourages the preservation of depreciable historic structures by allowing favorable tax treatments for rehabilitation and also provides for charitable contributions for conservation purposes of partial interests in historically important land areas or structures.  For further information, see 36 CFR 67.

3. Consideration of historic values in the decision by the State Board or Federal government to issue a surface coal mining permit where coal is located.  For further information, please refer to 30 CFR 700 et seq.

4. Eligibility for Federal grants-in-aid, whenever funds are appropriated by Congress.  For further
information, contact Mark Wolfe, Executive Director, Texas Historical Commission, P.O. Box 12276, Austin, Texas, 78711.
Owners of private properties nominated to the National Register may concur or object to the nomination in accord with 36 CFR 60.  Any owner or partial owner who objects to listing should submit a notarized statement (certifying ownership and objection to listing) to Mark Wolfe, State Historic Preservation Officer, Texas Historical Commission, P.O. Box 12276, Austin, Texas, 78711, by May 18, 2018.  Each owner or partial owner of private property has one vote, regardless of how many whole or partial properties in the district are owned by that party.  If a majority of private property owners object to the nomination, the district will not be listed; however, the State Historic Preservation Officer shall submit the nomination to the Keeper of the National Register for a determination of eligibility for inclusion in the National Register.  If the district is then determined eligible for listing but not formally listed, the Advisory Council must still be given an opportunity to comment on Federal projects which may affect the district.

A copy of the nomination, the criteria used for evaluation, and more information on the results of listing are available from the State Historic Preservation Office, at the above address or telephone inquiries can be made at 512/463-5853.  Comments on the nomination should be received by the State Historic Preservation Office before the State Board of Review meeting on May 19, 2018.