Public Notices

Notice of Price Change Mount Vernon 10/29/2009

Effective with your December 2009 statement, Suddenlink Communications will be making the following price adjustments to residential video rates. Limited Basic cable service increases by $2.00 per month.  Expanded Basic cable service increases by $1.50 per month.   In addition, premium channels will increase by $1.00 each per month.  For customers currently in a discounted package, the monthly rate will increase by $4.75 per month.  The new package rate will still be a significant discount over the standard monthly price of services ordered individually.   For questions regarding these adjustments – or to learn about bundling services, which can save you money each month – please contact us at 1-888-822-5151.  Thank you for being a Suddenlink customer.
(Suddenlink 13-1tc 09)