Public Notices

Public Notice - Franklin County Water District - 7/29/2010

The Franklin County Water District hereby publishes amendments to the Rules
and Regulations as set out herein. This notice is to advise the public that
breach of this regulation will subject the violator to a penalty as described in
the adopted rule. The Board of Directors of the Franklin County Water District
passed these rules on July 20, 2010.


“Single Family” means one or more persons related by blood, adoption,
or marriage to the first or second degree of consanguinity or affinity; or not
more than two (2) unrelated persons living and cooking together as a single
housekeeping unit.


12.1 [[NO CHANGE]]

12.2 Single Family residential.
(a) The development of Single Family residential areas or the construction of
Single Family Dwelling Units shall be permitted only in areas designated by the
District for such development and construction.
(b) Those portions of District Property designated as “Single Family
Residential” by the District shall be restricted to private, non-commercial, Single
Family residential use and shall contain no more than one Dwelling Unit per lot.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, garages, guest houses and other Improvements
incidental to residential use may be permitted on Single Family Residential lots,
provided such Improvements (i) comply in all other respects with these Rules,
and (ii) are not used as a separate Dwelling Unit.
(c) No Lessee may sell, transfer or convey, or offer for sale, transfer or
conveyance, any partial or fractional interest (other than the entirety) in any
Leased Property or leasehold interest.
(d) No Leased Property may be made part of, or used for, a timeshare, tenant-incommon,
or other formal multiple-party ownership structure.
(e) Leased Property and leasehold interests may only be titled, owned and held
by and in the name (or names) of natural persons, subject to the other provisions
of this Article.
(f) Notwithstanding the foregoing restrictions, the following shall be permitted:
(i) Leased Property and leasehold interests may be titled, owned and held by
and in the name of a family partnership, family trust, or other similar entity, so
long as all the beneficial interests in such entity are owned by members of a
Single Family and the use thereof complies in all other respects with these Rules.
(ii) During the initial construction or subsequent remodeling of a Dwelling Unit
for purposes of marketing and resale, Leased Property and leasehold interests
may be temporarily titled, owned and held by and in the name of the building
company; provided, however, that all subsequent conveyances thereof shall
comply in all respects with this Article and the other Rules.
(g) Any sale, conveyance or transfer, or attempted sale, conveyance or transfer,
of Leased Property or any leasehold interest therein made in contravention of
this Article shall constitute a violation of these Rules and shall, at the election of
the District, be null and void ab initio.

12.3 [[NO CHANGE]]

12.4 [[NO CHANGE]]

12.5 [[NO CHANGE]]

12.6 [[NO CHANGE]]

12.7 [[NO CHANGE]]

A full text of the regulations are on file in the principal office of the District,
located at 112 N. Houston St., Mount Vernon, TX 75457, and at
(FCWD 51-2TC 10)