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Public Notice - Categorical Exclusion to all interested Agenncies and Public Groups - 3/8/2012

As provided by the state environmental review process adopted in the Permanent Rules of the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) 31 Texas Administrative Code §375, Subchapter E for the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) Program and consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act, 42 U.S. Code §4321, et seq, the Executive Administrator of the Board has determined that the proposed action identified below may be exempted from formal environmental review requirements:

City of Mount Vernon,
Franklin County, Texas
CWSRF Project Number 73629
Total Estimated Project Cost:                  $3,820,000
Total Board Loan Commitment:              $3,820,000 (L120017)

The City of Mount Vernon (City) is proposing to use funds from a CWSRF loan to remove and replace approximately 21,000 feet of dilapidated and undersized wastewater collection lines with 6 to 15-inch PVC pipe. The primary method of rehabilitation is open cut replacement of existing lines on existing alignment. The project also includes the replacement of a pump system at an existing Lift Station #4.   All project elements are shown on the attached map. [Note: Although not included in the newspaper notification, a copy of this map is available upon request at City Hall.]

All work will be conducted within the existing previously disturbed easements, right-of-way or on City-owned property. As proposed, this project is not expected to impact wetlands or waters of the United States (U.S.) that are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In addition, no impacts to significant or potentially significant cultural resources or protected species or critical habitat are expected. This categorical exclusion is granted because the specified project elements should not entail significant adverse impacts to the quality of the human environment. Documentation supporting this determination is on file at TWDB, as specified in 31 TAC 375, Subchapter E.

The exclusion shall be revoked if (1) it is found that, due to changes in the project, the proposed action no longer meets the criteria for an exclusion, (2) evidence is found that the project may have serious environmental effects, or (3) it is found that Federal, State, or local laws are being or may be violated by implementation of the project. The project activities must comply with the following conditions:
·Standard emergency condition for threatened and endangered species;
·Standard emergency condition for cultural resources.

Comments regarding this determination may be submitted to the Director, Project Engineering and Review Division, Texas Water Development Board, Austin, Texas 78711.