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Public Notice - Franklin County Water District - 11/15/2012

The Franklin County Water District hereby publishes amendments to the Rules and Regulations as set out herein. This notice is to advise the public that breach of these rules and regulations will subject the violator to a penalty.

14.1    Piers and Boathouses.
(a) A boathouse may not be the primary structure on a lot and shall only be constructed on a lot containing an existing single family residence.
(b) No boathouse containing bathroom facilities (e.g., toilet, bathtub, shower or [except as specifically provided in Section 14.22 below] sink) shall be allowed on District Property.
(c) All materials used in the construction of piers, docks and boathouses on District Property must be approved by the District prior to construction.
… (etc.)
14.22    Outdoor Sinks in Boathouses. One (1) outdoor kitchen sink may be installed on boathouses, subject to the following conditions:
(a) Lessee must obtain a permit prior to the installation of the sink (e.g., may be included as part of a permit to construct a new boathouse or remodel an existing boathouse).
(b) The sink must be constructed in strict compliance with the District’s approved plans and specifications for gray-water sinks on boathouses, a copy of which will be provided to the Lessee upon approval of the permit.
(c) The sink may require the installation of additional OSSF or other disposal facilities on the Leased Property, as determined by the District.

A full text of the regulations are on file in the principal office of the District, located at 112 N. Houston St., Mount Vernon, TX 75457, and at